Thursday, February 14, 2008

Short Memories Suck.

When it started, I was excited. A quarter of the way through it, I was exhilerated. Halfway through it, and I was puking my guts out. Three fourths done and I was promising my body (mostly my taint and legs) that I would never allow the brain and its asshat wingman, the Ego, to talk any of us into the present madness again. 50 yards from being done, the brain - that wiley mass of grey noodles - moved in for checkmate, providing thrills and emotions that sealed the fate for this year. That's right. I got my Yippee! Card from Ken and Merilee, signaling my acceptance into the 2008 Leadville Trail MTB 100.

Also accepted (for torture) were last year's Team First Descent members Brent Goldstein, Gary Morris, Dean Gregory, and John "Wobber" Wontrobski. Joining us for the madness this year for their first Leadville 100 are DC locals Dave Flyer, Neil Markus, and Larry Weinberg.

If the definition of insanity is performing the same task over and over again expecting a different result, get some pajamas and a straightjacket warmed up for me. In the interim, you'll find me in Frederick, climbing Coxey Brown and company in preparation for The Race.

Let the madness continue...