Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm Back! Back in the Saddle Again!

One week to the day since The Event, I finally got back on a bike and rode. And, oh, did I ride. I did a simple 28 mile road loop from my house out to the end of River Road and back. I had, in the past, avoided the trek in from River Road due to the hills on the in-bound leg. I thought that they were too tiring. HA! Now, not so much.

I felt great today. I hammered up every hill as hard as I could. The hills on River that I once thought were too tiring were mole hills, compared to last week's mountains. But the highlight of the ride was a call that I received from Restoration Hardware while I was at the furthest point from my house. The new bed that was supposed to be delivered between 11-2 (aren't they so kind for giving us such a condensed window of time??) was now arriving at 10:30. I received the call at 9:55. It had taken me 1:05 to get to the end of River. I now had 35 minutes to get back. I made it back in :45, shaving :20 off my out-bound time. What was the motivation? The new bed? Hardly. Two things: 20 minutes and 358 days, the time over 12 hours last week and the days until next year's Leadville 100, respectively. Let the obsession continue....

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