Sunday, June 22, 2008

Allan Goldberg

As I texted Brent Goldstein this morning, "There aren't words." Brent's dear, childhood friend, and a man that I met and was privileged to call a friend, Allan Goldberg, lost his third and final battle with cancer. Allan was the executive director of First Descents, a very unique charitable organization which specializes in providing adventurous, soul healing excursions for young adults with cancer. The name "First Descent" derives from a kayaking term for the first trip (ever) down a rapid. Since most of the First Descent's camp patrons are first time kayakers, the name is very appropriate. The mission of First Descents is to take young adults with cancer on a week long excursion, away from it all - the cancer, the treatments, family, etc - and surround them in a cocoon of like-minded individuals to show them what they CAN accomplish. That cancer is not the end of the world. The programs run by First Descents are incredible and are very worthy of your investigation and donation.

As Brent's blog evinces, Allan was the reason - some would say "at fault" - for last year's team assault on the 2007 Leadville 100. Allan threw a challenge at Brent (never one to allow his foolish pride to dissuade him from doing something completely insane like Leadville) and Brent roped in me, Gary, Dean and Wobber for the race. It was an epic journey that I will never forget. Thank you Allan, at the very least, for being the impetus for the greatest challenge that I have ever faced.

I will remember Allan for his tireless efforts to help people and families affected by cancer to renew their sense of self, thereby affording them additional courage and purpose in their fights against cancer. I will remember the delight in Allan's face in Vail last year upon seeing the faces of Daryn, Arlyn and Bailey Goldstein and treating Brent's daughters as his own. Allan treated strangers as friends and friends like family. I am chagrined that I only met Allan last year but know that I am the better person for having Allan in my life for even such a short period of time. Rest peacefully, Allan.


Horacio said...

A Facebook group dedicated to Allan's memory has been set up at

Thank you for sharing your memories.

Claudia said...

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