Friday, August 17, 2007

Jill a/k/a The Runt

Jill is The Runt. It is my main term of endearment for my wife/best friend/love of my life. It is also her comic book, superhero alter-ego that specializes in mischief, malapropisms, and general silliness. It's a part of her that warms my heart everyday. Need an example?

March. NCAA Tournament time.

Jill (innocently): What does NIT stand for?

Kevin (feeling knowledgeable): The National Invitation Tournament. It's for college teams that don't make the NCAA Tournament.

Jill (being serious): Oh, I though it meant the Not Invited Tournament?

Kevin (balancing snot rocket on chin from sudden laughter): Can you get me a tissue, please?

Falling Asleep One Night.

Kevin (sitting silently watching TV while Jill dozes off).

Jill (out of no where): You little bowler!

And the list goes on. Laughter is great medicine and Jill is my favorite pharmacy.